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About Alabaster


Alabaster has been crafted in Egypt since ancient times into works of art and utilitarian items. Each quarry in Egypt produces alabaster with slightly different geological qualities and colorations.

Alabaster is a term used to refer to a form of calcium. Alabaster is characterized by being creamy in color, and it has been used in carving, ornaments, and ornamental statuary for centuries.

Being a Translucent stone, Alabaster is highly suitable for all types of candle votives, lamps, and decorative items. Alabaster has a rich translucent hue ranging from Cream to yellow with stunning ivory bands. Natural variations in the color and placement of the ivory bands add to the uniqueness of the stone.

The color of Alabaster is so memorable that the word is also used to refer to other white objects, which is why romance novels refer to “Alabaster Bosoms.”

Alabaster is extremely versatile for use in décor. Most commonly, Alabaster is used for ambient lighting, however it can be found in a variety of forms and settings and it can be seen in exclusive resorts, exotic hotels, restaurants, embassies, weddings and spas around the world.

Century old handicraft has been combined with modern designs and natural material to produce a collection of exquisite Candle holders and home accessories. Each piece in our collection is specifically designed to highlight the timeless beauty of this stone.


How To Order


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