Soft Alabaster

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About Soft Alabaster


A very soft type of Alabaster that gives an Antique look and style.  Soft Alabaster is random in texture and in colors more than the hard Alabaster. Colors range from white, beige, brown and reddish. The soft Alabaster is hand carved with simple tools.  The material is translucent with candlelight and gives more the sense of antique. That is why sometimes it is called as Antique Alabaster.



ALB-800 12x12x34 cm (4.7x4.7x13 inch)



ALB-801 20x20x24 cm  (7.8x7.8x9.4 inch


Small Soft Alabaster Cups


ALB-811 7x7x9 cm (3.0x3.0x3.5 inch)


ALB-810 11x11x15 cm ( 4.0 x4.0x6.0 inch)

ALB-812 9x9x9 cm (3.5x 3.5x 3.5 inch

ALb-807 15x15x22 cm ( 6.0x6.0x8.5)

ALB-802 35x35x11 cm   ( 13.5x13.5x4 inch)



24x24x11 cm   ( 9.5x9.5x4 inch)


ALB-830 14x14x10 cm ( 5.5x5.5x4.0 inch
ALB-831 16x16x14 cm (6.0x6.0x5.5 inch)
ALB-832 23x23x25 cm (9.0x9.0x10 inch
ALB-833 26x26x32 cm (10.0 x10.0x 12.0 inch
ALB-834 35x35x35 cm (14.0x14.0x14.0 inch)